The Diabetes Alliance

Making a Complex Problem a Little Easier

The Diabetes Alliance of Northwest Ohio

Diabetes is a complex and pervasive problem. Whether Type I, which is more common in young people and sometimes called Juvenile Diabetes, or Type II, which is more common with age and more associated with weight gain, Diabetes is a severe community health problem in the US and across the globe.

Here in Northwest Ohio, we have diabetes specialists who are nationally recognized for excellence, an outstanding and committed primary care community, excellent diabetes education and support organizations, and excellent specialists to address myriad diabetic complications.
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That is where the Diabetes Alliance of Northwest Ohio comes in. The leaders in regional diabetes care already do an excellent job at what they do. The key contributors are almost all independent, and what we need is a common ground. Diabetes can be relentless, involving multiple health issues and all areas of patients' lives. By working together, playing to each others' strengths, and sharing resources, we can make a hard problem much easier. Technology is key. When patients used to live in relative isolation with their diabetes, they can now collect their own data and easily share it with caregivers. Caregivers used to toil alone, but we can now easily share information, coordinate, and prevent needless duplications and conflicts. The Diabetes Alliance seeks to serve this need. Explore this site, and use the resources you will find. This is the new world of beating an old problem.